AHS - Accredited Home-Staging Specialist
Staging is hot and this is one of the new, very comprehensive, yet at the same time most affordable staging designation courses available. The best is that the course is available 24 x 7 and can be complete over a weekend.

ALHS - Accredited Luxury Homes Specialist
This intensive, two day course, explores national luxury housing trends, specialized luxury buyer and seller needs, development and delivery of unique high level services, representation issues, liability and risk management, builder services, personal marketing, and much more.

CNS - Certified Neighborhood Specialist
Professional real estate agents must learn to sell the neighborhood, not just a house. With that in mind each agent must become a neighborhood expert and nothing helps agents gain that knowledge faster than the CNS course.

CSP Designation – Certified Short-Sale Professional
A comprehensive training course for real estate agents that teaches them a proven step-by step system to be more successful working short sale transactions. This course shows you how to generate more short sale leads, filter out the ones lenders won't approve, and how to manage a short sale so it closes as quickly as possible.

GHS - Generational Housing Specialist
It is no longer good enough to understand or focus on only one generation. In today’s complex and evolving market agents must know about Gen X, Gen Y, Baby Boomers, Seniors, the Silent Generation, etc. This is the first course to focus on them all.


Real Estate Training
Collectively, the RealtyU network has 400 qualified and licensed real estate instructors that offer more than 5,000 different real estate training courses and programs every year training more than 300,000 real estate agents with their educational needs.

Real Estate Schools
Search the largest real estate network of real estate schools and colleges in the nation, serving 42 states with over 200 campuses across North America.

Online Real Estate Courses
For those busy brokers and agents that prefer to study at their own pace and convenience. This service offers a large selection of hundreds and hundreds of different courses covering the full gambit of licensing, post licensing, CE and designations.


Self Coaching
The nations largest online self coaching or mentoring service providing anyone the ability to learn from the country’s most successful agents and become a top producer themselves. Their online library of success modules, money-making tips, tools and strategies together with the productivity systems and marketing tools makes this a “must-have” for any smart agent.

Business Plans for Agents
You can’t get somewhere if you don’t know where you are going. Create A Plan is the easiest business planning solution for real estate brokers and agents who are serious about their real estate career. The online business planning software provides complete monitoring of all key business indicators, including marketing events, listings, sales, expenses, etc. including weekly monitoring and reports.


Real Estate Books
The industry’s leading online bookstore focusing on providing real estate professionals books, reports, tapes and DVD that advance their careers. Topics covered include: How to deal with Home buyers and sellers, different marketing strategies, sales strategies and client retention, business management and so on.

Real Estate Trends Report
There is no other annual report that provides as detailed, accurate and objective summary of the residential real estate brokerage industry as the Swanepoel TRENDS Report. Every year it announces the Top 10 trends that are expected to impact the industry during the coming year and provides interpretations, examples and take-aways for each trend.

Real Estate White papers
RealSure has published in-depth white papers about most of the important facets of the industry including technology, the banks, profitability, customer acquisition, the e-consumer, the information explosion, business planning and even the future.

Real Estate Keynote Speaker
Few topics are as exciting to open a real estate conference than to talk about the trends changing the industry and no-one knows more about real estate trends than visionary and best-selling author, Stefan Swanepoel.

Real Estate Blogs
For an eclectic array of real estate snippets and posts straight from the “horses-mouths” visit the blog home to over 40 of the industry’s authors, speakers, visionaries and business leaders.

Real Estate Wiki
Largest real estate wiki and encyclopedia dedicated to providing neutral, unbiased information to real estate agents as well as home owners, buyers and sellers.

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